Why use a relationship test?

These tests are suited in instances when one of the alleged parents is not available for a DNA test and thus, carrying out a straightforward parent-to-child DNA test is not possible. For example, a DNA siblings test can be performed to establish if a biological relationship exists between potential siblings in cases when the alleged father is not available for testing.

A note about relationship tests

Relationship testing is slightly more complex than standard paternity testing and can be used to determine various types of relationships in different situations. Depending on the people available for the DNA test, there are several different methodologies that can be used according to the alleged relationships. Relationship testing is often carried out in the place of a paternity test. Participants often want to establish their biological relationship to the alleged father without testing the alleged father. However, if samples can be collected from the putative father, we recommend a paternity test. More information about this can be found on our website. Read Interpreting the Result of a DNA Relationship Test for more information on how to understand the result of your test.